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Organic Wheatgrass

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- ဂျုံးမြက်အစေ့ (အပင်စိုက်ရန်) ဝုနှင့်မြောင်အစာချေဖျတ်စနစ်နှင့်ကျန်းမာရေးအတွက်ကောင်းပါသည်

SMART GRASS (Organic) 350 g.

- Helps to flush toxins.
- Helps to get rid of a hairball.
- Reduce bad breath and manure odor.
- Helps keep your pet’s intestines healthy.
- Contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins.
- High fiber helps balance the digestive system.
- Contains antioxidants that may prevent cancer in the digestive system.

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