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Nutriplus Gel 120.5g

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- ဖွံ့ဖြိုးဆဲ puppies & kittens လေးတွေ၊ အစောင့်ဝုတွေ၊ နို့တိုက်မိခင်တွေ၊ ရောဂါပျောက်ခါစဝုနဲ့မြောင်တွေ၊ ခွဲစိတ်ထားတဲ့ဝုနဲ့မြောင်တွေအတွက်အထူးသင့်တော်ပါတယ်။

- အရေပြားနဲ့အမွှေးအမျှင်အတွက်လဲကောင်းပါတယ်နော်

- ၅ကီလိုအလေးချိန်ကို လက်ဘက်ရည်ဇွန်း ၁ဇွန်း(သို့)၂ဇွန်းနှုန်းနေ့စဥ်တိုက်ကျွေးနိုင်ပါတယ်။ 

Nutriplus Gel makes use of animal origin nutrients which allow easier and faster conversion of the nutrient into energy. It also contains liver extract which makes the product highly palatable. Given after an intense exercise to quickly replenish the energy of your pet, before and after any stressful situation that requires your pet to use up a lot of energy in a short time like: during lactation, dog shows, training, and after surgery. Nutriplus Gel is also to may be given for pets' to regain appetite and prevent weight loss.



  1. Growing puppies and kittens
  2. Hunting and working dogs
  3. Breeding females (pregnancy or lactation)
  4. Convalescent animals (after infectious disease, surgery, etc)
  5. Nutritional supplement in adult dogs and cats
  6. Maintenance of healthy skin and coat

Available in 120.5 g aluminum tube.
Doasge: 1-2 tsp/5kg body weight (10 cm of gel) per day. Double the dose if needed.
Direction for use:
Can be given directly or mixed with foods. For easy administration, first give small amount directly into the animal’s mouth, then proceed with the recommended dose.

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