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KitCat-Kitten & Pregnant 1.2kg (Yellow)

19,000 Ks
Brand : Kitcat
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- အမွှေးအမျှင်၊ အမြင်အာရုံ၊ နှလုံး၊ အစာချေဖျတ်စနစ်အတွက်ကောင်းမွန်ပါသည်။ 

Kit Cat complete & balanced diet offers your cat a pH level balance wholesome nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle. With selected quality meat containing essential vitamins, our Kit Cat formula also has an optimal ration of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids that promotes a healthy heart, skin and coat for your cats.

In addition, this diet contains fructooligosaccharides which promotes a healthier digestive track and taurine for healthy eyes.

Omega 3 & 6
Healthy Skin
No Pork, No Lard
Taurine Added
Prebiotic, Vitamin E

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